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SHENZHEN TANGCHAO ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. is a comprehensive cooperation which design, research & develop and production. It occupies more than 1000 square meters field with over 100 workers, administrative staff and technicians.In management, we are try our best to market trends, regard speciality as the core, tamp the foundation, forge bands.

In administration, we adopt modernized enterprise's management system, through the effective incentive mechanism, delegate power ring upon ring, gave full play to the greatest potentiality of human resources.

In the building of troop, we paid our attention to the staff's overall qualities, younger, specialization and team with highly cohesivenss are our largest wealth. Under the all staff's efforts, the factiory develops day by day.

We insist all the time:Yor need is our first priority. Throough specialized technology, fine quality, enthusiasim attitude, it is diversified to offer to every customer, a high-quality service. Our strength is earned and walked arranging ago on the gift market. In the face of future, Tangchao will continue insisting on taking market directions and spciality as the core, giving play to the internal and external resurce advantage constantly. We are trying our best to seek better opportunity in the dynamic equilibrium that the opportunity and risk coexist, seek to continuance, sane, long-term development.

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